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Web Site Design and Management

Having a presence on the World Wide Web is an important statement to your organization and your clients. It tells them that you are a progressive company and that you look to expand your business to be more effective and efficient.

The technical aspects of developing a web site are quite straightforward. It is the planning, design, and content development activities that are quite time consuming. The key steps Ostroff Consulting follows in web site design are:
  • work closely with clients' senior management to develop a vision of how the web fits into their business plan
  • develop a phase in plan for the services to be offered at your site
  • reserve the domain name and determine what image the client wants to portray (conservative, avant guarde, progressive, funky, etc.)
  • begin work on content development - the exact text that will be displayed at your site.
  • develop the graphical designs and page layouts.
  • develop the site.
Web site design is an iterative process. Often at this point clients are prepared to implement the site. However, usually once the client sees the site, they want to make a few more modifications.