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In today's business climate, it is important that our clients' staff keep pace with the most recent developments in technology, management and industry. This is accomplished by promoting training and professional development. Our staff is ideally positioned to provide our clients with relevant and timely training. Our instructors are senior staff who have consistently demonstrated outstanding communication skills, who are viewed by our clients as practical experts in the subject matter have previously led training sessions, and.

We offer a variety of training programs including
  • full time mentoring
  • periodic mentoring
  • on call support
  • development and delivery of in house training sessions
  • attendance at a public held training session

We offer mentoring and support in all of our practice areas. Formal training courses are offered for:
  • project management
  • system development
  • system management
  • risk assessment
  • workflow analysis
  • process redesign / process improvement / process re-engineering