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Project Management

Project management is a series of tasks / deliverables performed by leaders of a project team to ensure that resources are being effectively and efficiently utilized to deliver the project commitments in the agreed upon timeframe at an agreed upon price.

The general responsibilities the leaders of the project have include:
  • Establish the project scope
  • Structure the project
  • Develop the project plan
  • Identify areas which may affect the success of the project and develop steps to mitigate the risk;
  • Secure required resources (staff, equipment, facilities, money, etc.)
  • Monitor progress & implement corrective action where required
  • Scope management & change control
  • Progress reporting to team members, management & client.
In addition to extensive project management experience, Ostroff Consulting consultants bring to every project management assignment a documented structured project management approach, which can be used as is or customized to suit the values of the organization.